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4 Benefits of Earning a Biomedical Science Degree from National University

by Oct 17, 2018

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Considering a career in health care?

Thinking about a specialized degree like biomedical science?

Wait—What is biomedical science, anyway?

Biomedical science includes any course of scientific study related to biology as it affects health care. It includes classes such as physiology, anatomy, epidemiology, biochemistry, nutrition, and kinesiology. Biomedical sciences are the foundation of knowledge for all health care professionals. This field can also prepare you for a wide range of careers in science and research.

Read on to learn why our Bachelor of Biomedical Science (BS) degree is so unique and how it will prepare you for a career in medicine.

1) NUHS offers online and on-campus learning. 

National University allows you to take advantage of both on-campus and online courses. You can choose to complete your entire degree program on our university campus or choose from seven online classes to integrate some flexibility and convenience into your schedule. You can tailor your degree to your specific career or graduate school goals. There are no required core courses, just a requirement that you earn 64 of the 124 credits at National University.

Our online courses include Research Methods and Statistics, General Microbiology, Immunology, Pathophysiology, Introduction to Epidemiology, Basic Nutrition and Introduction to Public Health.

With classes scheduled in the evening hours, our on-campus course offerings are convenient, too. Whether you’re balancing a day job or family responsibilities, NUHS provides the flexibility needed to complete your degree. Our evening program is designed for students with a 2-year degree or previous college credits, who wish to complete their education at National University.

2) NUHS provides access to graduate-level facilities.

We are proud to showcase our state-of-the-art science-focused facilities. Our graduate-level anatomy classrooms give students the hands-on learning necessary to succeed in a program of this caliber. Our students are able to apply their learning to real human cadavers and on a 3-D interactive Anatomage Table.

The Anatomy Lab is equipped with high-tech features such as SMART boards and video cameras that broadcast to monitors throughout the room. This allows students to observe the instructor’s demonstration without leaving their workstations.

Aside from our lab, our Learning Resource Center is one of the largest medical libraries in the area. Our resource center offers everything from books, print and electronic journals and bibliographic databases. This center is offered on our Lombard campus.

3. NUHS has unique course offerings.

Students at National University have the freedom to custom design a Bachelor’s completion curriculum around their schedules and according to their future goals. You can choose from over 40 courses in science, math, nutrition, and communication subjects, allowing you to take more control over what you learn. A few of our course offerings include:

Exercise Physiology

In the Exercise Physiology course, you’ll have the opportunity to study what happens to the human body during exercise. It combines metabolic biochemistry, cellular and organ system physiology, as well as anatomic structure and function to better understand and explain physical and athletic performance and how the body adapts to it.


Kinesiology is the study of the physics of the human body: how the body functions when it is in motion. In a kinesiology course at NUHS, you’ll learn which muscles are active in what types of movements, how they coordinate together, which muscles contract and which muscles lengthen when you step forward, and how these different actions stabilize each other.


At NUHS, you have the opportunity to take courses in nutrition as part of your biomedical science degree. This is especially valuable if you’re considering a career in patient care—such as naturopathic medicine, nursing, chiropractic medicine and osteopathic medicine, or careers in science education, food science, nutrition, or public health.  

4) NUHS will prepare you to move on to a career in medicine. 

Aside from our online and on-campus courses, we also allow students to qualify for early entry into our Doctor of Chiropractic or Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine programs. This is accomplished through our Advanced Scholars Program, meaning you can finish the last year of your BS degree while enrolled in the first year of your DC or ND program. The science courses you’ll take in your first year of graduate school will be applied toward your BS program, meaning you’ll save both time and money.

Whatever your career choice, a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science positions you well for a wide variety of career opportunities or for admission to advanced science or professional health care degrees. Since health care career opportunities are expected to grow over the next decade, a degree in biomedical science can be an excellent investment for future earning potential.

This degree is an excellent foundation for advanced degrees in traditional medicine, dentistry, biomedical engineering, toxicology, epidemiology, and alternative/complementary medical fields such as naturopathic medicine and chiropractic medicine.

The Bachelor of Biomedical Science Program at NUHS

National University’s Bachelor of Biomedical Science (BS) program is offered both full time and part time with evening classes. Designed as a completion program, it is especially well suited for students with a two-year degree or previous college credits.

As several of our BS applicants are high-achieving students hoping to pursue an advanced degree in a medical field, NUHS also offers scholarship for all Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) community college honor students.

Interested in joining NUHS’ community? Hear directly from our students regarding why they chose National University’s biomedical science program!


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