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Wrapping Up Another Trimester During Spring

by Apr 14, 2023

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In the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to take advantage of small, daily opportunities to “stop and smell the roses” as the end of the trimester quickly approaches. This trimester has been particularly busy for me and acknowledging the “small things” has been important for me to remain balanced.

Spring Swans

First, I open up the windows first thing each morning. It has been so refreshing to hear the increasing amount of bird talk as I witness the morning sunrise. There is something special about the quality of the orange glowing light coming from the sun at this time of year, and my mornings have a more special, magical quality. Although I start my schoolwork early in the morning, doing so has been much more pleasurable in these past few weeks. It has also rained several times, and I have enjoyed temporary moments of stillness and peace as I listen to and watch the rain. It reminds me of camping.

Next, I have recently been able to take off some layers during my evening walks. Not only is the weather starting to get warmer (and sunnier), but there has been an increased sense of lightness in the air. Spring is in the air, and it is wonderful to walk around the neighborhood and witness the spring shoots and flowers starting to pop up. I have spotted purple and yellow flowers that have recently bloomed. The two swans from last autumn are officially back to the pond on campus. There has definitely been some interesting geese, duck, and swan action taking place at the pond again. I have enjoyed watching some of their day-to-day happenings. 

Last, I have been especially enjoying chatting with my fellow classmates, professors and clinicians. Life this trimester has been particularly busy, and sometimes nothing beats a nice genuine conversation with individuals with similar values. In the past couple of weeks, I have also collected a beautiful orchid, Easter lilies (my favorite), and a beautiful bouquet of daisies. Paying attention to these numerous “small things” encourages me to take frequent breathers from my day-to-day schedule as the end of another trimester approaches.

For more insight into finding balance, see Katie’s blog Finding & Prioritizing Your ‘Balancers’ While in School.


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Katie Kavicky-Mels

Katie Kavicky-Mels

My name is Katie Kavicky-Mels, and I am in my last year of the Naturopathic Medicine program at NUHS. I am a naturopathic intern at the student clinic in Lombard. I live in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, but I currently live on campus. My roots are deep in nature, and I enjoy camping, hiking, foraging and campfires. I am passionate about addressing the root causes of health issues using nature as the foundation. I look forward to sharing my naturopathic journey with you. I like meeting new folks, so please reach out if you have any questions!


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