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Why the NUHS Florida-site in St. Petersburg is the Perfect Place to Earn Your Chiropractic Degree

by May 28, 2021

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When looking for a school where you’ll invest the next few years of your life, location is a huge factor. It should be an environment with like-minded individuals and potential role models/mentors. Once the hard work is over at the end of the week, it doesn’t hurt to have plenty of fun and exciting options for nightlife and relaxation.

Many choose to study in St. Petersburg because of the unique offerings both from an educational and recreational standpoint. In the heart of the Tampa Bay area, some of the benefits of studying at the NUHS Florida-site include the following:

1. By sharing a campus with a wide range of health care practitioners, you’ll be surrounded by your future peers

NUHS-Florida is a part of University Partnership Center (UPC) with St. Petersburg College (SPC) and 17 other educational institutions. This provides unique integrative educational opportunities with students from other schools and health care disciplines, including dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, clinical counseling, and more.

As integrative health centers become increasingly popular, this can be very beneficial for your future career. In addition to private practice, chiropractic physicians can be found in Veteran Hospitals, general hospitals, physician groups serving professional sports teams along with many types of multidisciplinary clinics. Prior to graduation, NUHS students will be better prepared for these kinds of environments.

At its HEC clinic, NUHS students also offer complementary care for UPC member students, faculty, staff and their families. So in addition to learning about other health care fields, students will have the opportunity to share the value of chiropractic with others too.

2. St. Petersburg offers an exciting and high quality of life.

With year-round warm weather, St. Petersburg is often referred to as the Sunshine City. It boasts five different beachfront parks surrounded by various daytime and nightlife attractions. Throughout the year, you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors by attending exciting sports events and waterfront festivals.


No matter what your interests, St. Petersburg has something to offer you. Some of the most popular one-of-a-kind attractions include:

St. Pete Pier – On 26 acres alongside peaceful blue waters of Tampa Bay and downtown St. Petersburg, you can stroll, bike, dine, drink, shop, swim, take in a concert, and more.

Sunken Gardens – a botanical paradise filled with lush exotic plants and waterfalls. 

The Dali Museum – home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of works by the late Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali. 

Seven Different Arts Districts – where artists may live, work and create, offering their unique talent to residents and visitors alike.

Blueways – Enjoy canoe and kayak trails along miles of coastline and numerous, spectacular waterfront parks, 

The annual Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg – a race event typically held during Florida’s spring break season each March.

3. With low faculty/student ratio, you’ll get more individualized instruction from expert faculty

National University boasts an 8 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio. This low ratio allows faculty members to spend more time interacting with students. In addition to students’ academic goals, faculty are eager to assist students in their career goals, as well.

Many students find that former professors become their peers and this becomes an invaluable bridge for building professional contacts and helping form the platform for future career success.

Just a few of our outstanding faculty members include:

Carlo Guadagno, DC, a Clinical Sciences Instructor, has treated various types of athletes, including those competing in U.S.A. track and field, Pro Beach volleyball and D1 College Football. He’s also treated athletes in the Olympic Village Polyclinic at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Olympic training centers and several International Olympic Committee events.

Daniel Strauss, DC, Dean and Assistant Professor, previously worked in several hospitals in the upstate New York area as an EMT, respiratory therapist and supervisor of a respiratory care department at Rochester General Hospital. He is also an active community volunteer as a member of the Pinellas Park Medical District Board and Board of Directors of the Vincent House and Pinellas Park Chamber of Commerce.

Daniel Cooper, DC, an NUHS instructor, is the owner of RAD|life Clinic, a local practice in Tampa Bay. Dr. Cooper has nearly two decades of directed research into human performance, epigenetics, and functional nutrition, which helped him create unique health programs at his clinic.

4. As part of the NUHS Florida’s Advanced Scholar Program, you could save significant time and money

If you’re in the early stages of your academic career, you can participate in a program that allows you to complete two degrees in less time. NUHS Florida has partnered with SPC to allow students to complete both a bachelor of science degree in biology and doctor of chiropractic degree at an accelerated rate, helping to save you significant time and tuition.

Qualified students will complete three years of undergraduate study or a minimum of 90 semester credits leading toward their bachelor of science in biology with a sub-plan in cellular and molecular biology at SPC. Before completing their undergraduate degree, students will then start the five-year DC program at NUHS. After successful completion of all coursework in the first four trimesters at NUHS, they can be granted their bachelor degree from SPC and then go on to earn their DC degree from NUHS.

5. At the Florida site, you can participate in a wide range of campus events and traditions

Since the opening of the Florida-site in 2009, the close-knit NUHS Florida community has already created many of its own unique traditions and annual events. Some of these events include:

NUHS-Florida Panel Presentation

Organized by NUHS-Florida faculty every trimester, the panel presentations showcase how a multi-disciplinary panel manages various conditions using a collaborative approach to care. Since its start in 2015, the panels typically include experts such as faculty members in both clinical and basic sciences along with alumni, local physicians and community business leaders.

FL_Campus Event and Traditions-2021

Turkey Bowl

Every week before Thanksgiving, National University students, faculty and staff team up for a game of flag football during Turkey Bowl at the Florida site. Since the first game in 2009, it has quickly become an annual tradition celebrating Thanksgiving, football and community. Staff and students are encouraged to bring their family and friends as they compete for the coveted Stiefel Cup trophy.

Tri-Mixer, Tri-Games

National University hosts a variety of social events meant to encourage camaraderie and community among students. Every trimester, the Student Council organizes tri-mixers and tri-games, which brings together new and continuing students.

The location and activities vary every year but typically includes games and snacks to help students unwind after classes. Students along with their families are invited to attend.

Chiro Games:

Chiro Games is a sports tournament for chiropractic schools across the United States and into Canada. Students meet in Cocoa Beach, Florida every year to compete in sports ranging from football and beach volleyball, to running and swimming. There are also socials hosted by RockTape and Integrity Doctors at nearby hotels.

Student Clubs and Organizations

NUHS clubs and organizations can be an important part of your experience within the chiropractic program. At the Florida-site, their extracurricular activities attract a lot of engagement and can be a great way to explore your interest and get to know your fellow students. Most students are active in at least one club with many students participating in multiple clubs at once.

Currently, NUHS Florida students participate in the following clubs:

Community Wellness Club:

This club organizes activities related to local wellness. In the past, members have volunteered to help clean up beaches, toured waste/recycling facilities and hosted classes on herbal support for stress and anxiety, etc.

Lambda Chi Sorority:

This on-campus sorority provides students with opportunities to practice adjusting outside the classroom while also creating lifelong friendships.

Motion Palpation:

Motion Palpation Club gives students the opportunity to practice and learn new motion palpation techniques. Motion Palpation is a diagnostic tool used to locate and treat joint dysfunction and fixations within the spinal column and extremities.

Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA):

SACA is the student-led organization of the American Chiropractic Association, the leading national association representing Doctors of Chiropractic. Throughout the year, SACA hosts multiple learning and networking events.

Sports Council:

Through this club, students are able to participate in shadowing opportunities around Tampa Bay. The Council has held meetings on everything from taping to IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) and orthopedic evaluations. Students also practice their skills at sporting events where they volunteer under a practicing DC, who treats athletes of a variety of levels. Past events include the International World Rowing Championships, Run Disney (Princess and Star Wars), and the ITU Triathlon World Cup.

Student Council:

The student council organizes many events throughout the trimester including tri-mixers and tri-games, which brings together new and continuing students.

Community Service

Through partnerships with area nonprofits like the Vincent House and the Pinellas Park Medical District, National University students have many opportunities to provide much needed care and education for various patient populations.

At Vincent House in Pinellas Park, students give monthly nutrition and wellness presentations to individuals recovering from mental illness and other disabilities. During charitable sporting events, like Surfing for Autism, students have also provided chiropractic care to athletes. As part of Pinellas Park Medical District’s annual Back-to-School Family Fun day, students and faculty volunteer their time to share information about chiropractic care for children, as well.

There are a lot of factors that go into where you decide to study. It’s not a decision that can be taken lightly. This blog highlights just a few of the exciting ways learning in St. Petersburg can benefit your future career and help make a more memorable academic experience. If you would like to learn more about the St. Petersburg area, visit the NUHS website.

Thinking about visiting the NUHS Florida site? National University could help reimburse your travel and accommodation costs. You can also visit virtually and receive a $500 -$1,000 tuition credit and a $55 application fee waiver.  (Note: this tuition credit only applies once regardless of which event, or the number of visits or events attended. The MSMS program is exempt from this tuition credit. Approval from the Admissions team is required to obtain the credit.)

To learn more, visit the NUHS website or contact the NUHS Admissions office at (800) 826-6285.

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