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Whole Health Prescription to Fight Swine Flu

by Oct 1, 2009

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Do headlines about swine flu frighten you? Are you hesitant about flu vaccinations due to allergy or safety concerns? Physicians at National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) Whole Health Centers want you to know that there are several ways you can boost your immune system naturally and healthfully with or without vaccination.

“There are many people who, for medical or personal reasons, are choosing to avoid vaccination. Whether or not you opt for receiving the swine flu vaccine that will be offered later this year, natural alternatives and good health practices can give your immune system the edge it needs to stave off an invading virus,” says Dr. David Parish, Dean of Clinics at NUHS, “including the swine flu.”

Conventional advice recommends:

  • Washing your hands frequently;
  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth;
  • Staying home if you are sick; and
  • Avoiding crowded public places if the swine flu is prevalent in your area.

NUHS National’s Whole Health Center physicians also advise:

  • Making sure your diet is healthy and rich in fruits and vegetables;
  • Reducing your intake of sugar, since sugar suppresses immune activity;
  • Staying hydrated and drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day;
  • Taking a vitamin D supplement of 5,000 IU per day;
  • Taking a good multiple vitamin and mineral supplement daily;
  • Taking vitamin C supplements of 1,000 – 1,500 mg per day;
  • Using a probiotic (healthy bacteria supplements) to keep your digestive tract and its immune defenses healthy;
  • Being sure to get adequate sleep and rest;
  • Maintaining a positive attitude and mental outlook, as this has proven to improve overall health and boost immune activity;
  • Keeping active since even moderate exercise keeps your immune system in top shape; and
  • Wearing a surgical mask when going out in public during a local surge of infections, although not foolproof, can prevent contact with micro-droplets of moisture in the air that may contain the virus.

You can also take herbal preparations that have proven anti-viral or immune building effects. “Echinacea can be taken daily to increase your resistance to infection,” says Dr. Parish, “as well as elderberry syrup for its anti-viral properties.”

If you have special health concerns, or a history of catching “every bug that goes around,” it can pay to have a comprehensive evaluation with a primary care chiropractic physician. Together, you can build a treatment plan to restore your health and immune function through natural means and lifestyle changes to give you a better chance of staying healthy all year round.

If you still get the flu, don’t assume the worst. Stay home and rest along with the recommendations above. If your health is generally good and if you have been following a strong “whole health protocol” regularly, you should get over the flu without complications. “Swine flu is proving to be a mild illness for most people,” says Dr. Parish. “Of course, should you experience symptoms of dehydration, if your breathing becomes difficult, or if you experience symptoms that are different or more severe than what you usually experience with a cold or flu, you should call your health care provider for additional instructions.”

To schedule an appointment with an NUHS Whole Health physician to help you tune up your immune system, call 1-630-629-9664 for the Whole Health Center nearest you.

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