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Week Eight Already?

by Jun 28, 2019

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Well, would you look at this, the trimester is already half over?! In what seems like a crazy blur, we are suddenly in week eight of my sixth trimester at NUHS. It’s hard for me to comprehend, considering I still have to check my schedule almost every day to see which rooms my classes are in. This trimester is definitely proving to be one of the quickest so far, which is exciting, because we’re getting that much closer to clinic!

This week I spent a lot of time working on our marketing project. During the sixth trimester, we take a business and marketing class where a big project is designing the type of practice you would like to have after graduation. This is a great opportunity to research post-graduate certifications you might want to get and start thinking about how your practice will run. Through the project you make a poster, business cards, pamphlets, small giveaways, and other stuff you might see in a chiropractic office. There is something very motivating about having your name on a business card with your doctorate, as well as additional licenses after your name. Hopefully, soon after graduation, I’ll be able to fulfill my plans to have a couple abbreviations on my business card!

Photo 6

This week we will be presenting our made-up practices to the rest of the school in the form of a trifold booth–one like you might see where a chiropractor markets his practice at a local health expo, 5K event, or farmers market.

On Wednesday of this week we finally had the opportunity to present our posters. It was an awesome experience! Everyone put so much work in to their mock practices and clinics it was great to see it all come to fruition. We had all sorts of fields of chiropractic represented by our booths, everything from sports to family chiropractic and functional medicine, and animal chiropractic.

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My dream office is an interdisciplinary sports chiropractic clinic. I had a blast creating the , and was excited to put a little New Mexico flare into my presentation (most of my classmates from the East Coast had never seen a bolo tie before). I am very proud of my classmates and look forward to seeing us all become great doctors!!

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected].

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Addison Ozakyol

Addison Ozakyol

My name is Addison Ozakyol and I am currently in my tenth and final trimester of the Doctor of Chiropractic Program here at NUHS - Florida. I am eagerly approaching graduation and look forward to practicing with an emphasis in sports medicine and acupuncture. I hope to bring useful content to this blog and showcase what life is like here at NUHS - Florida.


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