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Virtual telehealth visits a success for patients and interns

by Jun 16, 2020

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doctor typing on computerDuring the state-mandated quarantine, new and existing patients are continuing to receive care from NUHS Whole Health Center clinicians and interns through virtual telehealth visits.

“Telehealth is a great way to connect with patients in a low-risk manner,” said Amanda Bose, DC, ND, MSACP, Chief Clinician of Naturopathic Medicine at NUHS Whole Health Center. “It also allows the patient to have their visit in the comfort of their homes, and sometimes cars.”

Telehealth visits are conducted via Zoom, a secure, video chat application available on your smartphone, tablet or computer (equipped with a camera and microphone).

NUHS is currently offering naturopathic and chiropractic services. Interns and clinicians have already attended to a variety of patients and health problems via telehealth visits, including abdominal pain, constipation and bloating, diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, depression, weight gain, etc.

Dr. Bose, who has been among the clinicians conducting visits, said clinicians are able to overcome the limitations of virtual visits by observing the patient, having them perform their own vitals on camera for a more complete evaluation, and describing their symptoms as best as possible.

Clinicians are also able to teach patients how to perform modalities such as hydrotherapy and rehabilitation exercises along with how to stimulate acupressure points.

“It requires some modifications, but has been effective,” Dr. Bose said. “So far, our patients have been grateful to be able to resume care. They missed their clinicians and interns over the last couple of months and are excited to see us again.”

For interns, the telehealth visits have allowed them to meet their graduation requirements while also serving as a new learning tool.

“Telehealth will be a mainstay in their future practices and they are gaining valuable experience on how to conduct these types of visits prior to graduation,” Dr. Bose said. “They are learning how to make effective connections with patients in a virtual format, in addition to being flexible during a global pandemic.”

In addition to the telehealth visits, patients can still receive prescribed supplements via Fullscript dispensary, a virtual supplement delivery service, and at the clinic’s dispensary, which is open during limited days and hours.

To schedule a telehealth appointment with one of our interns and clinicians, call the NUHS Whole Health Center at (630) 629-9664.


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