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The 21st century Cures Act could increase opportunities for biomedical students

by Dec 23, 2016

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The academic and research community received some good news this week. For those considering a career in biomedical research, the future in innovation looks very bright.

woman looking into microscopeOn Dec. 13, President Barack Obama signed a bill that will significantly help advance innovation in biomedical research. The bill, called the 21st Century Cures Act, will spend $6.3 billion on various medical research initiatives and makes regulatory changes designed to speed the approval of new drugs and medical devices.  Some of the research targets cancer, brain disease and substance abuse disorders.

“This bill is promising particularly for research related to non-opioid care of chronic pain, which is offered at NUHS through naturopathic, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy treatments,” said Gregory Cramer, DC, PhD, dean of research at NUHS. He added that in the past, NUHS has conducted research on spinal manipulation therapy for pain reduction.

A portion of the bill specifically targets emerging scientists, as well, asking the National Institutes of Health to create policies and programs that promote and provide opportunities for new researchers. The bill also seeks to give new researchers more opportunities to receive funding, enhance training and mentorship programs and enhance workforce diversity.  As a result, the already growing field of biomedical engineering is just one of many biomedical career paths that is expected to benefit from the bill.

“This is a more exciting time that ever to be a student interested in biomedical sciences,” said Randy Swenson, VP of Academic Services. “Because of this bill, students can look forward to a bright future with far more opportunities when they graduate.”

You too could be part of this shift toward more innovative healthcare.  A great way to get started is with National University’s biomedical science program, which allows students to tailor their degree to their specific goals and a  variety of career opportunities. For questions or more information, call our Office of Admissions at 1-800-826-6285 or email [email protected].

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