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Students Balancing Life

by Jul 22, 2016

The six-week onslaught of examinations finally subsided this past week, with the grand finale taking place Friday afternoon with Dr. Ed Bifulco’s E&M of the Musculoskeletal system. We covered a range of topics from disc herniations to torticollis. As a sort of celebration, the school talent show was later that night in which my friend, Phil Runge, secured second place by showcasing his prodigious skill with an upright bass and vocals to match. He definitely could have won first place had there been a greater appreciation for the nuances of bass music amongst the general public (but I may have a biased opinion).

As the first weekend in a long time that studying has not been an immediate priority, Sarah and I seized the opportunity to throw a little house-warming/soirée at our place. The turnout was better than we could have expected, although one thing I have learned in school is to never underestimate the cabin fever that takes hold of students during exams. The six-week build up of cabin fever was enough of a push to propel our friends downtown to blow off some steam with us.

A few of the guys

Needless to say, after all the bar-hopping and dancing, I found myself awake far past my normal 9 pm bedtime (about five hours past). Once I threw that out the window I figured I should probably just throw a few other things out the window as well, such as my dietary restrictions (I ate a piece of pizza about the size of my torso) and waking schedule. In fact, Sarah and I decided to take an entire R&R day on Sunday and laid around for its entirety. It’s important to find a couple days a trimester to completely let everything go and just recuperate and recharge. I needed a day like to get in the mindset for finals that are a mere three weeks away. Study begins today!

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