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Student Veteran shares her journey into Naturopathic Medicine and how NUHS community helps her thrive

by Jun 5, 2024

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During her career as a licensed massage therapist, Amber Misiowiec discovered a lot about alternative medicine, sparking an interest in herbal medicine, aromatherapy and the healing power of nature. It was this passion that ultimately led her to pursue the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) program at National University of Health Sciences. 

Misiowiec, a U.S. Air Force veteran who’s currently in her second trimester of the ND program, said National University’s Yellow Ribbon program was a significant draw. Navigating the application process and ensuring tuition coverage can be daunting tasks for any prospective student. But with the assistance of NUHS’s admissions staff, Misiowiec found the process to be smooth and seamless. 

“I was pleasantly surprised on numerous occasions on the follow-through and promptness in all forms of communication,” she said. “This is what sets the NUHS application process apart from other professional schools in my opinion.  I felt supported, encouraged, and like I was a valued future professional asset to this university. This is rare and should not go unnoticed.” 

The NUHS Veterans Clinic, where interns provide hundreds of free and discounted treatments to veterans each year, also appealed to Misiowiec. As a veteran, her desire to give back to their community and fellow service members is deeply ingrained.   

“I believe that our shared experiences in service creates a unique bond, fostering open communication and providing a comforting environment where they can feel truly heard and begin their journey towards healing,” she said. 

Reflecting on their experience at NUHS,  Misiowiec said the sense of community and camaraderie is similar to the bonds often formed among service members.  

“The rigorous programs at NUHS demand resilience, drawing upon the experiences of navigating high-pressure situations while in service,” she said. “Just as in the military, teamwork proves invaluable in managing these challenges. Throughout my first trimester, I found support not only from peers but also from professors and upperclassmen, highlighting the collective commitment to each other’s success on campus.” 

Misiowiec, who is also a single mother, said the flexible track program, which allows students to complete coursework at a slower, more individualize pace, helped her balance her schoolwork with home life.  

“Managing a full-time course load and raising a child was weighing heavily on me.  It almost stopped me from continuing my education because nothing is more important than my child,” she said. “When interviewing for NUHS, admissions brought the flex track program to my attention and I knew right away that NUHS was the perfect fit for not just me but my family.” 

One of the other perks of campus life is that there are plenty of ways to get engaged and to connect. From the MMA (mixed martial arts) club to various academic groups, Misiowiec strongly encourages students to get involved in clubs aligned with their interests.  

“They serve as excellent outlets for stress relief and foster a sense of belonging,” she said. 

When she graduates, Misiowiec plans to establish her own clinic focused on herbal medicine and mental health. She also aspires to conduct research on the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics.  

To fellow veterans considering naturopathic medicine or attending NUHS, Misiowiec stresses the importance of connection, involvement, and remaining focused on goals. 

“Even if you are completing the program in a flexed format, trimesters and time in general fly by,” she said. “Stay focused on what you came here to do and trust the process.” 

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