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Student research article about addiction published in NDNR

by Dec 18, 2019

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Jocelyn Faydenko, ND, a recent NUHS naturopathic medicine graduate who’s also a fourth year chiropractic medicine student, Jocelyn Faydenko, NDwas awarded honorable mention for her research, which was recently published in NDNR.

As part of the Annual NDNR Student Writer’s Scholarship, students submit research reviews or case studies completed under the supervision of faculty for various scholarship prizes.

Faydenko’s article, ” Determining Addiction Factors: Implications for Naturopathic Medicine” was co-authored with Fraser Smith, MATD, ND, assistant dean of the NUHS naturopathic medicine program. The research article discusses the various genetic and environmental factors involved with addiction and how the naturopathic approach should address those factors.

Faydenko was also named an honorable mention last year for a research article about using cardiac biomarkers as a clinical tool.

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