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SMART Tools Plus Donates Soft-Tissue Tools to NUHS

by Apr 1, 2015

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Nick Colosi, DC (’13), National University alumnus and president of SMART Tools Plus, recently donated seven sets of SMART Tools to the NUHS DC program for educational and clinical use.

SMART Tools are used in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization or IASTM. IASTM works by breaking up scar tissue, SMART Tools Plus soft-tissue toolsadhesions, and fibroblasts in the soft tissue, and is a very powerful treatment technique used on its own or in conjunction with other soft tissue techniques.

Each of the seven sets contains all five SMART Tools, with a combined donation value of over $4,000.

“Unlike other tools on the market, SMART Tools are a little heavier and sharper. There’s a reason for that,” explains Dr. Colosi. “They don’t require as much pressure from the practitioner, reducing stress on the practitioner’s hands.”

“I developed the idea while I was a student intern in the clinic at National University. At first, I wanted to make something just for me and my friends to use,” Dr. Colosi says. “But interest grew, so I started my business. SMART Tools really fill a need for affordable and quality stainless steel IASTM tools.”

“We’re proud of Dr. Colosi for identifying a need in the profession and moving forward with his innovation in soft-tissue tools,” says Dr. Manuel Duarte, Chair of Clinical Practice at NUHS. “His generous donation allows us to provide our students and interns with an opportunity to try these tools and experience their value in patient care.”

National University is grateful for the wide support from both its alumni as well as manufacturers and businesses serving the chiropractic profession.


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