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October is National Chiropractic Health Month – How the Chiropractic Profession Has Evolved

by Oct 3, 2011

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October is National Chiropractic Health Month, and National University of Health Sciences thinks it is a great time to heighten awareness about how the chiropractic profession has changed. National has been the leader in chiropractic education in the United States for over 100 years, and has been part of the profession’s continued progress and evolution.

When you think of a “chiropractor,” you might automatically think of a person who treats back injuries or back pain by special adjustments.  That’s partly true, but today’s chiropractic physician does a whole lot more and has come a long way from being just a “back doctor.”

nuhs dc intern white coat adjusting patinet clinic

Currently in Illinois and most other states, chiropractic physicians are considered primary care doctors. That means your chiropractic physician is a first point of entry to the health care system for a full range of health conditions and illnesses.  In addition, chiropractic medicine is an excellent choice for those interested in maintaining health and wellness and preventing disease.

Today’s chiropractic physicians are trained to diagnose, manage and treat a full range of human health concerns and often co-manage cases with other health professionals such as MDs, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists and other specialists. Patients with allergies, digestive problems, chronic respiratory illness, and other diverse conditions are finding relief and health improvement by working with chiropractic physicians.  Your chiropractic doctor is also trained to recognize and manage the special health needs of children, expectant mothers, and older individuals.

Chiropractic physicians rely on a wide range of natural and conservative treatments, such as nutritional assessment and counseling, physical rehabilitation, acupuncture, lifestyle modification, botanical medicine and supplements, spinal and joint manipulation, and more.

Did you know that the field of chiropractic medicine also has different specialties? Some chiropractic physicians have earned additional diplomate credentials through extensive education in medical specialties such as internal medicine, sports medicine, acupuncture, diagnostic imaging and more. others have completed accredited Master of Science degrees in diagnostic imaging or advanced clinical practice.

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Today’s chiropractic medicine provides an important option for those seeking better health through the use of conservative methods. If you haven’t seen improvement in your condition through other medical avenues, a chiropractic physician can give you a unique perspective on natural treatments that can help enhance your current care, or even provide new options that may work better for you.

Where can you find a primary care chiropractic physician that practices the full range of today’s chiropractic care? National University of Health Sciences offers an on-campus clinic that’s open to the public, where you can make an appointment with chiropractic doctors and interns trained in today’s full-spectrum chiropractic medicine. Come see how chiropractic care has changed in ways that might help you and your family with your health care needs. Call for an appointment at one of our NUHS Whole Health Centers.

Or, perhaps you would like to explore how to start a rewarding career in this evolving field by attending an upcoming Campus Visit Day or speaking with an admissions counselor. Call 1-800-826-6285 to learn more about National University’s doctor of chiropractic degree program.

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