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NUHS Pitches in at 2013 Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure in Tampa

by Nov 12, 2013

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A team of NUHS clinicians and interns volunteered in the medical tent at the 2013 Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure in Tampa, October 25 – 27.

nuhs interns volunteer susan g komen walk for the cure tampa group shot

NUHS faculty and interns at the event

Dr. Michelle Jourdan led the group, and was joined by NUHS Florida faculty members, Dr. Brett Martin, Dr. Heather Miley, Dr. Chris Arick, Dr. Mark Weiland and NUHS grad Dr. Amber Roman.  Clinicians rotated supervisory shifts, with interns handling most of the treatment for injured walkers. Staff member Deb Bechtel volunteered by completing intake forms for walkers as they entered the tent.

The walk spanned a 60-mile route through several Tampa Bay communities. In addition to working in the medical tent, the NUHS team also offered services at event lunch locations each day, so that all walkers had an opportunity to receive care. A large number of patient complaints included lower back and knee issues, and the team had a total of 259 patient visits, including walkers, crew, volunteers and general staff.

NUHS intern treating patient in medical tent

NUHS intern Jake Lavere treating a participant in the medical tent

Walkers camped overnight during the three-day event, and so did Dr. Jourdan and the interns. Throughout the weekend, the NUHS team had a unique opportunity to hear the personal stories of breast cancer survivors, and meet the survivors’ friends and families.

“All in all, I feel that the interns gained 10 years experience in just 3 days of hard work, because of the complexity of the cases. They also had a chance to experience the gratitude from the patients, and observe the quick results of their care over the 3 days,” says Dr. Jourdan. “Personally, I am very grateful that I was able to support the interns in such a successful event and was extremely impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by each of them.”

nuhs intern treating walkers susan g komen walk for the cure

NUHS intern Whitney Leach treating a participant

NUHS interns volunteering at the 2013 Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure in Tampa included: Mark Mazzucheli, Jake Lavere, Nick Caputo, Alex Ison, Alex Morgan, Whitney Leach, Purvi Patel and Bethany Dixon.

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