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NUHS Honors 13 Students with Institutional Scholarships

Thursday, May 29, 2014

National University of Health Sciences recently announced the winners of several institutional scholarships. The scholarships ranged from $950 – $1,975. Each award is competitively based on criteria specific to the particular scholarship, such as GPA and essay requirements.

stethoscope on bookNUHS Scholarship
Kaley Burns (ND student)
Cynthia Easter (MSAc student)

NUHS Alumni Association Scholarship
Denise Shostek (ND student)

Anderson Scholarship
Janelle Mackowiak (DC student)

Buchholz Scholarship
Julia Harter (DC student)

Chalmers Scholarship
Stephen Shenault (DC student)

Conrad Scholarship
Lynn Capodagli (DC student)

Foot Levelers Scholarship
Megan Procaccini (DC student)

Gear Family Scholarship
Agnieszka Rabrich (DC student)

Roberts Scholarship
Drew Finnegan (DC student)

Smith Scholarship
Erin Emley (DC student)
Robert Koser (DC student)
Michelle Perisic (DC student)

“Institutional scholarships at NUHS are comprised of a variety of memorial, corporate, alumni and university sponsored awards,” says Robert Dame, director of financial aid at NUHS. “We encourage all students to apply if they feel they meet eligibility requirements.”

Institutional scholarships are given in addition to annual university scholarships, which are broadly awarded to a much larger number of students for prior academic achievement.

As a reminder to current students, there is still time to apply for summer scholarship awards, as the deadline for submission of applications is Friday, June 6.






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