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NUHS Grads Dominate Chicago Magazine’s Top 105 DCs

by Apr 2, 2014

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Chicago Magazine and Five Star Professional presented a list of Chicago’s most outstanding chiropractors in the magazine’s chicago skylineMarch 2014 issue. Nominations and evaluations were solicited from patients and qualified peers through mail surveys and online. Initial survey criteria identified a pool of highly regarded practitioners, who then satisfied further research criteria before being named to the exclusive list. Of the 105 DCs who made the list, 82 are National graduates.

We congratulate these NUHS alumni listed as Chicago’s Outstanding Chiropractors:

Dr. Richard Altieri (’68) Dr. Delilah Anderson (’88) Dr. Gerald Andreolli (’72)
Dr. William Bojak (’85) Dr. Rebecca Boros (’85) Dr. Francine Burke (’87)
Dr. Bruce Burkhart (’80) Dr. Steven Ciolino (’83) Dr. Alden Clendenin (’95)
Dr. Joseph Conklin (’77) Dr. David Cox (’73) Dr. Elizabeth Davis (’92)
Dr. Robert DeDomenico (’90) Dr. Mary Doxas (’85) Dr. Richard Ezgur (’96)
Dr. Diane Ferris (’96) Dr. Donna Ficaro (’79) Dr. Pat Fiore (’92)
Dr. Scott Fladland (’86) Dr. Franklin Forman (’74) Dr. Mark Freund (’95)
Dr. Carl Geipel (’85) Dr. Anthony Gioia (’92) Dr. Beverly Henderson (’89)
Dr. Jeffrey Henson (’98) Dr. Peter Horn (’83) Dr. John Johnson (’82)
Dr. John Jonihakis (’95) Dr. Laura Kaeske (’95) Dr. Joseph Kalal (’80)
Dr. Steven Kehres (’90) Dr. Michael Kelly (’89) Dr. Sarah Kelly (’99)
Dr. Mike Kochanski (’01) Dr. Marshall Kolber (’63) Dr. Ken Krebs (’91)
Dr. David Lee (’81) Dr. Patrick Livingood (’90) Dr. Rick Lovell (’98)
Dr. Sheryard Masud (’97) Dr. Ronald Masukawa (’93) Dr. Glen Matejka (’93)
Dr. Nathan McGowan (’02) Dr. Hubert Mei (’93) Dr. April Miller (’02)
Dr. Eric Miller (’91) Dr. Craig Morse (’93) Dr. Clare Ollayos (’87)
Dr. Glenn Pedersen (82) Dr. Marc Pinto (’87) Dr. Philip Piscopo (’74)
Dr. Bruce Rachum (’92) Dr. Timothy Radcliffe (’91) Dr. Jennifer Ramos (’93)
Dr. John Rama (’78) Dr. Kevin Regan (’83) Dr. Jane Richards (’90)
Dr. Paul Rubin (’80) Dr. Edgar Ruble (’81) Dr. Santoliva (’01)
Dr. Sargent (’92) Dr. Timothy Schor (’92) Dr. Steven Segal (’89)
Dr. Amish Shah (’99) Dr. Eric Smith (’86) Dr. Larry Svihlik (’84)
Dr. Michael Szarmach (’92) Dr. Gary Tennant (’85) Dr. Douglas Traven (’76)
Dr. Ron Trottier (’95) Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull (’97) Dr. John Turner (’82)
Dr. Sheila Vahabi (’95) Dr. Gregory Wakolbinger (’87) Dr. Irene Wallace (’99)
Dr. Jeff Winternheimer (’93) Dr. Christopher Wolcott (’03) Dr. James Young (’01)
Dr. Ann Zajac (’87) Dr. Patricia Zanelli (’92) Dr. Robert Zoboski (’11)
Dr. Evelyn Zuehlke (’83)    

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