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NUHS DC alumnus finds success treating athletes and musicians

by Jun 7, 2017

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Early in his career as a chiropractic physician, alumnus Dr. Marc Legere (NUHS ’08) made a habit of accepting every opportunity that came his way. Today, he is reaping the rewards. Dr. Legere can be found treating some of the biggest names in sports, music and Hollywood. He is also frequently featured on the QVC shopping network as a medical expert discussing health products.

Dr. Marc LegereHowever, his success has not come without sacrifice. “While I had to give up a lot of my own time in order to make my connections, for the most part, they always lead to something,” he said.

First, Dr. Legere needed to meet the right people.  It all started when he was introduced to a chiropractic physician in New York City who treated the professional athlete clientele Dr. Legere wanted to work with. Even though the commute by train was eight hours a day and required sleeping on a couch twice a week, Dr. Legere still took a position as an associate.

“All of this definitely took its toll on me both physically and mentally but in the long run, it was necessary to separate myself from the competition,” Dr. Legere said.

One of his biggest success stories comes from his work with a Major League Baseball pitcher, who Dr. Legere first worked with periodically for hip pain for about a year. Dr. Legere’s treatments were so effective that he was asked to work with the pitcher full time the next season. “During that season, the pitcher had his best year statistically and said that he hadn’t felt that good since high school,” Dr. Legere said.

In addition to prominent athletes, Dr. Legere also works with musicians, who like athletes are very active and develop injuries. “Unlike professional athletes, musicians do not have a medical team at their disposal.  That’s where I can help them,” he said.

For both athletes and musicians, Dr. Legere has developed a hands-on treatment called the PATCH Technique, which helps treat injuries quickly. “PATCH Technique is a new form of myofascial release that not only provides several benefits to the patient but it is also easier for the treating physician to perform,” he said.

In Philadelphia, Dr. Legere is looking to build his team of PATCH technique chiropractic physicians and is then taking his new treatment model nationally. “With this new and proprietary service, we can offer something truly unique and effective for our patients or referral sources that no other chiropractor, PT, ATC or massage therapist can provide,” he said.

For new chiropractic physicians, Dr. Legere recommends the following:

  • Network as much as possible with other physicians and health care practitioners as this often results in new opportunities.
  • Take initiative and differentiate yourself from the competition. “If you are willing to make sacrifices that other doctors aren’t, you will set yourself up for eventual success.”
  • Be opportunistic and say ‘yes’ to every opportunity.

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