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NUHS Clinic Celebrates Patient’s 90th Birthday

by Aug 25, 2011

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Clinicians and interns from National University of Health Sciences’ Lombard Whole Health Center helped a special patient celebrate a special day! Margrethe Egeland was surprised when her regular appointment began with balloons and cake to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Margrethe discovered National University’s on-campus clinic in Lombard during a health fair in October of 2010. Her daughter Mari brought her in to see if chiropractic medicine could help her mother’s balance to prevent falls, and help her walk without assistance. Since then, she’s been coming regularly for physical rehabilitation.

“When she first arrived, she relied on a walker to help her balance,” says chiropractic intern, Michael McKellar. “But now she’s

nuhs clinic birthday celebration 90 year old patient

L-R: NUHS Intern Justin Taylor; Dr. Grant Iannelli; Margrethe Egeland; and recent NUHS graduate Michael McKellar, DC

doing a great job walking on her own.”

Her daughter Shirley says coming to the clinic has really helped her mom improve her mobility and balance. “They also give us exercises we can do with her at home to help keep her progress going.”

Margrethe’s current intern, Justin Taylor, says Margrethe is really improving in physical rehabilitation. “She’s now lifting five pounds during bicep curls. When she first came, she could only lift three.”

But Margrethe, mother of six children and grandmother of ten, has a few things to teach the interns herself. While she exercises during regular appointments, she counts in Norwegian. All of her interns have learned to count up to 80 in Norwegian as well! At her birthday, the new number everyone learned was “90.” She even attended graduation ceremonies at the university to see some of her interns receive their doctor of chiropractic degree.

“Chiropractic medicine has much to offer mature patients,” says clinician Grant Iannelli, DC, Margrethe’s doctor. “Increasing age doesn’t have to mean loss of function and mobility. The right care can improve muscle strength, balance and energy levels, adding to the quality of life for many seniors.”

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