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NUHS Awards Summer Scholarships

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

nuhs summer scholarship recipients

Florida DC Student Scholarship Winners – Christopher Kotwicki, Catie Wonders, Danielle Burgoyne, Jack Rieke

National University of Health Sciences recently announced the winners of several institutional scholarships:

Danielle Burgoyne – Kohlhorst Scholarship

Amanda Driscoll – NCC Scholarship

Christopher Kotwicki – Schroeder Scholarship

Jessica Lodal – Schroeder Scholarship

Janelle Mackowiak – Chiropractic Foundation Scholarship

Jak Rieke – Campbell Scholarship

Nicholas Schmidlekofer – D’Aversa Scholarship

Catherine Wonders – Bock Scholarship

The scholarships ranged from $1060 – $2245. These awards for current students are based on criteria specific to each particular scholarship, which often include GPA and essay requirements. Several institutional scholarships are awarded in each trimester. These are in addition to university scholarships for incoming students, which are merit awards based on prior academic achievement.

“Institutional scholarships at NUHS are comprised of a variety of memorial, corporate, alumni and university sponsored awards,” says Marc Yambao, director of financial aid for NUHS.

Fall trimester scholarship applications will be available soon, and information will also be emailed to students. “We encourage all students to apply if they feel they meet eligibility requirements,” says Marc Yambao.






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