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NUHS Alumna Receives ACA Board Appointment, Humanitarian of the Year

by Jul 6, 2018

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National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) is pleased to congratulate Dr. Karen Konarski-Hart, ’79, DC, of Little Rock, Ark. on her appointment to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Board of Governors, and for receiving its prestigious 2018 Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Dr. Konarski-Hart has been a member of the ACA since she was a student of NUHS, then National Chiropractic College (NCC). She has also served as ACA vice president. In addition to her private practice, she continues to be a proponent of public health, and has extensive experience as an EMT/first responder. When it comes to championing chiropractic physicians to become certified for service on federal disaster response teams, her efforts remain unwavering.

Karen Konarski winning humanitarian of the year award

She said she fondly remembers her days as a chiropractic student. “As students, we were often involved in community activities, sports, health fairs, etc., as well as being encouraged to explore chiropractic in a broader scope–nutrition, kinesiology, acupuncture, and even gynecology. We were inspired by having speakers, or visiting the practices of Doctors of Chiropractic who took a more holistic approach to health,” she added.

“It inspires me to see the incorporation of our profession into collaborative healthcare for the good of the patient,” she said. “That collaboration may be through multidisciplinary practices, increased inter-professional referral, exchange of research and information between providers, or even respectful discussions with patients about their treatment options andthe need for their own involvement in that care–it is what healthcare is and should be.”

In closing, Dr. Konarski-Hart offered these words of advice for students:

  • In the words of Dr. Janse, “Support the organizations that support you. Join your state association and the ACA.”
  • Take advantage of every learning opportunity available to you, even gaining certification in other disciplines if possible; it will open doors.
  • Experience different types of diagnostic assessment and treatments under varied conditions, because it will make you adaptable.
  • Learn to evaluate research; it will develop critical thinking and reinforce your decisions.
  • Find your niche and become an expert; it will give you clarity and focus.
  • Listen to others, especially your patients; it teaches the value of other people’s perspectives and the real reason for their problems.
  • Be willing to empty the wastebaskets; it demonstrates team spirit, allows the quiet acquisition of knowledge, and imparts the power of practical and necessary action.

National University alumni continue to make a positive impact in health care. Find out more about alumni accomplishments, news, events and continuing education at NUHS Alumni.

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