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NUHS alum to join Michigan Board of Acupuncture

by May 9, 2023

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NUHS alumnus Brian Emrys, DC, LAc, MSOM, ‘21, was recently appointed to the Michigan Board of Acupuncture. The board, which includes seven acupuncturists, three physicians, and three public members, oversees the practice of licensed acupuncturists in the state. 

Dr. Emrys applied for the position shortly after moving to Michigan, where he also practices at Absolute Health Center. In addition to specializing in pediatrics, veterans, along with neuro-divergent and neuro-developmental disorders, he has also been interested in a policy-related position for a while.  

“I have always been interested in making positive change,” he said. “This seemed to be the most direct route for the state I reside in.” 

As part of the board, he hopes to make limitless accomplishments. 

“I hope to continue to provide safety and licensure for professional development. I hope to continue to improve the representation for the field, while also being an individual that others can reach out to for information.” 

For students who are interested in these types of roles, Dr. Emrys recommends building their CV, reviewing state resources and networking–all before graduation. He also recommends applying for the positions that are desired as soon as you’re eligible, not hesitating to ask for assistance and never giving up. 

Dr. Emrys encourages students to take on these roles because they help educate the public on what the field is, as well as what is safe.  

 “Raising awareness through the board and practice will only help to obtain the goals at hand and continue to move the profession forward,” he said. 

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