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New ND Frat at NUHS Welcomes Everyone

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

nu delta sigma fraternity logoThere’s a new fraternity on National University’s Illinois campus for both men and women: Nu Delta Sigma. The fraternity is devoted to naturopathic medicine, and welcomes new members from any degree program who have an interest in naturopathic medicine and the modalities it uses in primary care practice.

“Our mission is a combination of professional growth and community service,” says Joshua Burns, fraternity president. “Our goals are to provide students interested in naturopathic medicine the ability to practice clinical skills associated with a primary care naturopathic practice, and to draw on the knowledge and experience of our faculty clinicians, guest lecturers, or upper-trimester students.”

“We would also like to provide opportunities to network with alumni who share the same passion for medicine as we do.  Additionally, we hope to volunteer in the community regularly, participating with local charities and events. We are especially interested in activities that can help remedy the disparity that exists in healthcare options within some communities.”

Joshua and a small group of National University student started the fraternity during the 2013 summer trimester. It has gained approximately 25 students, and is continuing to grow. Officers of the group include Vice President Nathan Jeffery, Treasurer MyTrinh Mai, Secretary Whitney Cronin, and faculty advisors Louise Edwards, ND, and Jenna Glenn, DC, ND.

For interested students, the group will resume meetings in the fall on Wednesdays at noon in the L3 technique lab. “We are organizing a charity fundraiser for the beginning of next trimester.  We also plan to have social events monthly, and a group trip at some point in the near future,” says Joshua Burns.

Those interested in Nu Delta Sigma may also want to consider joining the NUHS chapter of the Naturopathic Medical Student Association. NMSA is a professional organization that works on a national and local level for the promotion of naturopathic medicine through action and education in legislation, social justice, and global health.






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