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New hydrotherapy suite opens in Whole Health Center clinic in Lombard

by Feb 14, 2017

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National University of Health Sciences hosted a grand opening of its new hydrotherapy suite in the Whole Health Center clinic on its Lombard, Ill. campus Friday.

hydrotherapy suite in Whole Health Center clinic LombardHydrotherapy is a naturopathic health tradition that goes back several hundred years and has roots in various ancient cultures including Greek, Roman and Egyptian. Hydrotherapy utilizes the therapeutic benefits of water at various temperatures and is meant to soothe, regulate or stimulate various systems in the body.

“National University is proud to offer this new suite to the Chicago-area community, especially since the health benefits from this therapy can be significant for a variety of ailments,” said Fraser Smith, assistant dean of the NUHS naturopathic program.

Hydrotherapy is performed prescriptively and can affect the body in profound ways. For example, some hot and cold alternating water treatments can boost metabolism, improve circulation, stimulate immunity and lessen the symptoms from certain conditions such as arthritis. Hot sauna treatments can also help the body eliminate certain toxins stored in fat tissue.

Full hydrotherapy suites, particularly with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and medically-oriented, are a rarity in the chiropractic table and Russian steams bathChicago area. Among accredited naturopathic medicine schools, the NUHS hydrotherapy suite is also one of the newest in the country. Compared to some spa suites, treatments at National University may be more affordable, as well.

“This suite will help attract a larger pool of patients. As a result, our interns will have more opportunities to treat patients with these modalities under the supervision of our expert clinical faculty,” Dr. Smith said.

Building the hydrotherapy suite has been several years in the making. Naturopathic program faculty diligently worked with university personnel selecting the best flooring, lighting and layout in order to assure a safe and pleasant experience to patients.

hydrotherapy tubIn addition to healing several types of ailments and boosting various body systems and functions, the treatments are also meant to be relaxing. The suite includes many rooms for multiple types of hydrotherapy modalities offering constitutional treatments, Russian steams baths and peat immersion baths. These therapies are typically used with other natural treatments such as botanical medicine, nutritional improvements, or lifestyle changes.

Students are able to begin working in the hydrotherapy suite early, in their seventh trimester, before their normal clinical internship begins. They introduce patients to the services and perform basic health tests. For students in their eighth, ninth and tenth trimester, they have the opportunity to treat more patients with a larger variety of treatments and with the most modern equipment.

The Whole Health Center clinic is located on the university campus in Building B, just north of the intersection of Highland Avenue and Roosevelt Road. For more information or to make an appointment at the clinic call (630) 629-9664.

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