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New Homeopathic Clinical Opportunity for NUHS Students

by May 3, 2019

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National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) has announced a new opportunity for its Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine students to participate in a homeopathy rotation through the Center for Integral Health (CIH) in Lombard, Ill.

Timothy Fior, MD, a lecturer in Clinical Sciences at NUHS, who is in practice at CIH, explained that for many years students NUHS Intern with Center for Integral Health staff memberrequested observing at their office, without credit. “We had the idea to create a clerkship where they could get experience using homeopathy for their naturopathic practice,” he said, adding, “It gives them a chance to talk to patients who have been using homeopathy and to think in a homeopathic way.” He noted that with three homeopathic practitioners in their practice, students are able to experience three different styles of practice.

The rotation focuses on constitutional homeopathic case-taking and prescribing. The goal is to give NUHS interns the opportunity to work with patients under direct supervision and expand their knowledge of homeopathic modalities. “It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from physicians who are experts in this field,” stated Lisa Krebs, ND, a National University alumnae who is now in practice at CIH. “Students will come away with the confidence and skills to accurately use this important modality in practice.”

Students are eligible to earn primary hours, where they are directly involved in patient care, such as conducting intakes and follow-ups with patients, and secondary hours, where they are able to observe the management of acute and chronic homeopathic cases. Dr. Krebs explained, “It is exciting to work with naturopathic interns who have a strong interest in using homeopathy in their future practices. I grew up using homeopathy for a variety of conditions,” she related. “Seeing how successful it was for me, as well as in practice today, instilled a passion for passing on this knowledge. I want to ensure that students have the same level of success that I have.”

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