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National University Offers Yellow Ribbon Program: New Help for Veterans Seeking a Degree

by Aug 14, 2012

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National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) is now a part of the Yellow Ribbon Program, a tuition matching support program that helps veterans on the GI Bill pay tuition and fee costs for college and advanced degrees.

In most cases, GI Bill tuition benefits do not cover all of a veteran’s tuition and fees. The Yellow Ribbon Program, however, us flag waving flagpolehelps qualified veterans cover remaining tuition and fees.  Through this agreement, the Veterans Administration will match whatever NUHS contributes toward remaining tuition for each veteran. Each school that participates in the Yellow Ribbon program can decide how many students it will help each year and cap its matched contribution amount.

National University, in a bold step forward to support our veterans in the most generous way possible, is offering this program to an unlimited number of students, and will contribute up to $99,999 for its portion of matched tuition assistance. “The way we have structured our Yellow Ribbon Program will mean that a veteran can expect virtually all of his or her tuition and fee costs at NUHS to be covered between the GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon program,” says Ron Mensching, vice president for business services at NUHS.

NUHS has a proud history of supporting veterans as well as active duty personnel in the United States Armed Services.  For example, after World War II, two hundred and thirty-one WWII veterans established what may have been the first American Legion post on a campus of a professional college at National. Today, the university’s on-campus clinic offers free acupuncture treatment for PTSD to combat veterans in the Chicago metropolitan area who are suffering from the disorder.

National University’s first award year for its Yellow Ribbon Program will begin on August 1st, 2012. If you are or know a veteran who would like to earn a degree or pursue a new career in science or health care, call 1-800-826-6285 for more details. For more information regarding educational benefit eligibility, students should contact a representative from the Department of Veterans Affairs or visit

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