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In the Midst of It All…You Did It!

by Apr 23, 2021

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It is Week 15, which means it is the final week of Final Exams for some, the conclusion of a Clinic Internship for others, and the end of an entire curriculum for another proud group of graduates.

Whether you have completed your very first trimester at NUHS, you have concluded your very first internship–which was likely your first opportunity to provide real patient care–or this is the week you will be officially designated as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Practitioner: Congratulations-you did it!


And, let’s face it, it was no small task to navigate not only the academic rigors of your program, but also the flexibility and agility needed to manage a hybrid learning structure in a climate in which the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic regularly introduce new complexities…and, as you juggle all the responsibilities of your daily life, you try to experience the “self-care” you regularly recommend to others.

If you are an NUHS student, you have likely overcome a myriad of challenges to make it successfully to wherever you are in your journey. And, in the midst of it all, take a moment to appreciate this simple, but weighty reality–you actually did it! You got through it all, and now it is time to both appreciate and celebrate where it all started and where you are now. Yeah, it may have actually been as hard fought as you thought it would be, but guess what? You did it!

CONGRATULATIONS, Spring 2021, NUHS Graduates! May you be well and have exceeding success in the next phases of your journeys. I have one more trimester, before it’s my turn, but it has certainly been my privilege to journey part of the way with you.

For those of you who are still in the race, take a moment and congratulate yourselves, as you continue to advance through the Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Program.

Now that the Spring 2021 Trimester is ending, what are some of the moments you will look back on with appreciation and celebrate?


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Rameda Lee

Rameda Lee

Rameda Lee is an 10th Trimester Chiropractic Medicine student, a 2020-21 Senior Ambassador of NCMIC’s Starting Into Practice Student Program on the NUHS Lombard Campus, and a 2020-21 Chicago Area Schweitzer Fellow. Through blogging for NUHS’ website, Rameda hopes to acquire and exercise skills that will allow her to represent herself both personally and professionally and to be in a position to assist others in their decision making regarding; choosing a Program of Study; attending NUHS; and in gaining insights into what student life at NUHS, Lombard would be like.


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