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I Registered for My Clinic Shift!

by Jul 31, 2020

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We become official clinic interns during our 8th trimester. As ND students, we technically get to enter a little sooner as we begin observing in the clinic in the 6th trimester, and we work as hydrotherapy interns during 7th trimester, which is what I am doing now. However, 8th trimester is when it really gets REAL! We get to pick our clinic shift based on the times that shifts are offered, and the clinician with whom we wish to work.

I have to admit, as ND students, we have it really freaking good! All of the clinicians are amazing! I seriously would not be upset if I ended up with any one of them! However, ever since first trimester, I have wanted to be on Dr. Bose’s shift. She went to University of Maryland, and also studied Kinesiology (same as me!). When I attended the clinic first trimester, it was so nice to have someone to talk to from Maryland! Turns out we even had some of the same professors. I thought it would be super cool to be on her shift. Thankfully, I was able to get on her shift which I am super excited about! Add in the fact that some other awesome people got on her shift as well. It will be a lot of work, but also super rewarding, and an awesome opportunity to learn!

I can’t believe I am officially entering my final year. Time sure does fly! My next post will be focused on the stuff I wish I knew when I started this journey.

Turtle Pic

And, just for fun, here is a picture of the University of Maryland mascot, Testudo the Terrapin. Go Terps!

PS: If you are in Illinois, come see me in the clinic next trimester!

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Belinda Smith

Belinda Smith

My name is Belinda, but I prefer to go by Lindy. I am in my final year as a Naturopathic Medical student at National University of Health Sciences. I’m originally from Maryland and will always consider it to be my home. I live on campus, in the Bucholz building with my dog, Lily. I love the sport of triathlon and will totally geek out if anyone wants to talk bikes or racing with me! I’m looking forward to blogging about study tips, ways to have fun on campus, and all the details of a full-time medical student. I love talking with people, so if you have any questions please email me at [email protected]


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