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Generous Lincoln Grad Encourages Gift Planning: Dr. Ron Hoffman Shares His Story

by Mar 13, 2012

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Recently, Lincoln College graduate Dr. Ron Hoffman (’67) made plans to include National University of Health Sciences as a beneficiary in his estate.

“It’s simply giving a part of what I’ve earned over the years back to where it came from, supporting our profession,” says Dr. doctor ron hoffmanHoffman, who enjoyed a thriving practice in the state of Florida from 1968 until his retirement in 2009.

“I was especially motivated to give to National after they opened a campus here in Florida,” he says.  Dr. Hoffman was member of the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine from 1985 – 1995, serving as the board’s chair for several years. He also received the honor of being a Fellow of the International College of Chiropractors (FICC), given to those with exemplary service to the profession.

Dr. Hoffman was able to designate a portion of his gift to create a scholarship fund specifically for students of National’s Florida Campus DC program.  Dr. Hoffman earmarked another portion of his gift for research.  By working with National’s Vice President, Tracy McHugh, estate gifts can target whatever area of university activities in which the donor is most interested.

“It was much easier to arrange than I’d thought,” says Dr. Hoffman. “Many doctors in my generation invested in pension funds that they subsequently rolled over into an IRA.  The good news is that you can arrange to designate National as a beneficiary in such a way that there are significant tax benefits. My strategy allows 100% of the actual donation to be directed to the university.”

Dr. Hoffman is sharing his story in order to encourage other Lincoln College graduates to consider planning gifts from their estates as well.  “As Lincoln grads, we might not automatically consider mentioning National in our wills. But we ought to be giving back to our profession.  Since Lincoln is no longer here, giving to National is the best way to share a portion of the prosperity we’ve been able to enjoy as chiropractic physicians.”

He also challenges his fellow DC alumni in Florida. “Imagine if 100 Florida docs gave similar gifts to National.  We could really make a difference here in our state, and leave a great legacy for National’s students here.”

If you would like to explore estate planning that includes a gift to National, call Vice President Tracy McHugh at 630-889-6607 or email [email protected].

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