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Friendsgiving Extravaganza

by Nov 23, 2016

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It seems the week before Thanksgiving is often busier than Thanksgiving week itself. There is always a flurry of exams and get-togethers to be had before the holiday and the subsequent time demand of finals. This week the exams du jour consisted of Tumors Radiology (practical and written), Pediatrics and Special Populations, and Functional Rehabilitation. However, the academic rigors of the week were just a small aspect of my obligations.

The Friendsgiving Spread

Friendsgiving, one of the most important holidays of the year, is a celebration of friendship, great food, good wine (and Cat’s bud lite of course), and exquisite conversation. It was held on Thursday night and the 18 of us, both DC and ND students, ate until our bellies were bursting at the seams. You may be under the impression that health nuts like us probably prepare a rather melancholy feast, and under some circumstances that may definitely be the case. However, being the millennial foodies that we are, the creation of a smorgasbord of flavor and variety of gluten free, dairy free food was practically second nature. Our bellies full, festivities shifted into lively debates and discussions on the topics facing the world today. It was a great prelude to a weekend at the Mohr cabin.


Our routine shenanigans were stymied a bit by the 40º weather that set in directly after our 70º day. Being the innovators that we are, we quickly adapted and found more weather appropriate activities. Jumping in the lake was still high on the list, but took second place to cheers-ing the trimester and target shooting with the bow. After the 9pm dip in the lake, festivities shifted more towards indoor, warm pursuits including euchre and harassing Blaire. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate exam success and the beginning of the holiday season. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

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