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Fluid Motion Donates Soft Tissue Tools to NUHS

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Students in both the Florida and Illinois DC programs at National University will now have access to a total of twelve new sets of soft tissue mobilization tools donated by Fluid Motion Tools, Inc. The tools’ special design allows practitioners to work on all surfaces of the body quickly and easily. The tools will be available in both clinical science courses as well as for interns who are treating patients in the university clinics.

Fluid Motion tools can replace potentially dozens of hand-held implements that chiropractic physicians use to apply healing pressure on areas with soft-tissue damage. They can often break up adhesions, help heal scar tissue, and assist in myo-fascial manipulation and mobilization. They were developed and manufactured by a chiropractic physician after testing over 40 different designs.

Fluid Motion ToolFluid Motion Tool2

“At our company, we’ve seen the marketplace change in the last few years. The need for instruments in soft-tissue massage has become a huge demand in multiple markets. We want upcoming doctors of chiropractic to be on the leading edge in treating people in the best and most efficient way they can, so they have better patient outcomes and get people healed faster,” says Dr. Jerad Bludorn, owner and developer of Fluid Motion Tools, Inc.

Dr. Joseph Stiefel, president of NUHS, says: “Donations of high quality educational and clinical equipment, such as Fluid Motion tools, help us train our students in how to use effective instruments they can employ in their future practice.”






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