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Fall, Don’t Go!

by Oct 30, 2020

We had our first snow fall this week. While it was a beautiful sight to see the dusting of snow cover the beautiful fall colors and leaves, it was a sad reminder that soon the leaves will be gone, and snow will cover everything. I’m glad I was able to get over to Morton Arboretum to enjoy the beauty of fall before everything dies from the cold.

Fall Photo 2

I love having this place so close to campus, it is about a 10-minute drive. The best part is that you can purchase a membership and use it year-round! They have walking trails, biking trails, and even snowshoeing in the winter once there is at least three inches of snow on the ground.

Fall Photo 1

The snow was also a painful reminder of how fast this trimester is going! We just completed Week 8 of the trimester, which means we are over half way done. When I think about the fact that Thanksgiving break, and Veteran’s Day (day off from school) are just around the corner, I know the rest of the trimester is going to go even faster than the first half.

I think I mentioned it in my last post, but I am loving everything about this trimester! I absolutely love being an intern in the clinic. I am learning so much, every single shift. I often finish my shift and go home and want to keep researching stuff for the patient cases I am seeing while there. I love this hands-on experience we are getting! I am also loving my coursework this trimester! Although I have to admit, some of my coursework is falling a little behind, due to my love of research and clinic duties. However, the classes I have this trimester are fascinating! They all seem to have a heavily clinical focus and approach, which I really appreciate.

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Belinda Smith

Belinda Smith

My name is Belinda, but I prefer to go by Lindy. I am in my final year as a Naturopathic Medical student at National University of Health Sciences. I’m originally from Maryland and will always consider it to be my home. I live on campus, in the Bucholz building with my dog, Lily. I love the sport of triathlon and will totally geek out if anyone wants to talk bikes or racing with me! I’m looking forward to blogging about study tips, ways to have fun on campus, and all the details of a full-time medical student. I love talking with people, so if you have any questions please email me at [email protected]


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