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Estate of Grateful Patient Donates $1 Million to NUHS

by Jul 8, 2010

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National University of Health Sciences has received a $1 million bequest from the estate of Mr. James Farley of Birch Run, Michigan. Mr. Farley, who passed away in 2008, had been a patient of National graduate Dr. E. P. Lockwood, who practices chiropractic medicine in Cass City, Michigan.

While a patient of Dr. Lockwood, Mr. Farley expressed his desire to leave a portion of his estate to a worthy cause. Dr. Lockwood, immediately thinking of his Alma Mater, asked Ms. Tracy McHugh, National’s Vice President for Administrative Services, to contact Mr. Farley in hope that he might be a potential contributor to National. Mr. Farley had previously thought of leaving his financial legacy to another worthy cause, such as an animal welfare charity. Yet after Vice President McHugh spoke with Mr. Farley, explaining National’s important mission in health care, Mr. Farley expressed his decision to name National University of Health Sciences as the sole recipient of his generosity.

“There have been several notable occasions where we have received donations and memorials from grateful patients of chiropractic medicine,” says NUHS President, Dr. James F. Winterstein. “Mr. James Farley’s substantial donation provides a legacy whereby our university can continue to produce future physicians who can go on to help and heal others. I am very grateful to Dr. Lockwood for making this referral, to Mr. Farley for his generosity and to Ms. McHugh for successfully conveying to Mr. Farley the value of National University as an appropriate recipient of his financial legacy. I am honored that our university was remembered in this way.”

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