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Embrace the Unknown

by Aug 6, 2021

It’s week 13 of the summer trimester here, and things are coming together nicely. This year I’m the Chair of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Student Association (AOMSA), and we are planning lots of fun events! This week we are having our first professor spotlight discussion with Dr. Kwon. The goal is to have a conversation where we delve deeper into acupuncture, practice management, treatment strategies, and his general wisdom. I’m hopeful we will have a good turnout, but either way I’m excited.




I must say that I love being in the clinic, it’s my favorite part of this program. I love being able to apply the things we have discussed in class. In the beginning things can feel overwhelming, but as each week goes on my nerves have subsided bit by bit. As you become more comfortable with charting, and logistics, you must then consider what kind of experience you want your patients to have.


An important part of the patient encounter is creating a comfortable and safe atmosphere for your patients. Too often patients are rushed through their appointments, leaving very little time to share or talk through concerns they may have with their health. I try to carry that with me, and make it a point to ask patients if they have any questions for me, or about acupuncture in general. As acupuncture is becoming more popular, more people are experiencing it for the first time. In the beginning of my clinic journey, I must admit that seeing new patients made me very nervous, because you literally have no idea what they need help with. But now I am learning to lean into that discomfort and embrace the unknown of a new patient encounter. I’m beginning to shift from fear and nervousness, into curiosity and excitement of what the future could bring!



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Danielle Pureifory

Danielle Pureifory

My name is Danielle, and I am currently in my last trimester in the MSOM program here at NUHS – Illinois. I’m a travel addict, animal lover, and a hobby farmer who is passionate about helping the under-resourced community. I look forward to sharing my journey with you, and I hope you read something that inspires you to start your own journey.


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