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Dr. Solecki Earns “Fire Chief’s Citizen Award”

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dr. Thomas Solecki, his wife and three children were all swimming (all children were wearing life jackets), when Dr. Solecki noticed his daughter was face down. Realizing this was more than just playing, and that she was actually drowning, Dr. Solecki’s training caused him to act quickly. Time was of the essence as his daughter’s lips were blue, she was not breathing and she had begun seizing.

He first had someone call 911, and then treated his daughter with CPR. After 5 cycles and about 3 minutes, she began to breathe again. The Emergency Response Team arrived and took her and Dr. Solecki to the hospital.  After all was well, the ER doctor took Dr. Solecki’s hand and said “Doctor, the training you have received paid off for your daughter!”

Recently, the City of Naperville and the Fire Chief honored Dr. Solecki and his wife with the “Fire Chief’s Citizen Award” for their quick action in saving their daughter from drowning.






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