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Dr. Guadagno at Chula Vista Olympic Facility

by Feb 20, 2015

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doctor guadagno at chula vista olympic facilityDr. Carlo Guadagno is an internationally known expert in chiropractic sports medicine who brings his experience to DC students as part of National University’s Florida faculty. Recently, Dr. Guadagno worked with elite athletes during a sports medicine rotation at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California.

The Chula Vista center is the newest of three Olympic training centers, and features 2 BMX tracks, a pristine lake for rowing, and also trains athletes in the sports of tennis, track and field, beach volleyball, rugby, field hockey, soccer and archery.

“In my two weeks at Chula Vista, I had the opportunity to serve young men and women from almost all of the Center’s sports,” says Dr. Guadagno.

In his two-week rotation, Dr. Guadagno also treated Paralympic athletes who were Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans. “Paralympic athletes form an integral part of the resident athlete population. They have chosen to make the most out of their life changes and represent their country on the world sports stage. They are the most challenging to work with and also the chula vista olympic training facilitymost inspiring,” he says. “For example, it was pure inspiration to watch David Wagner, a world champion many times over, play astounding tennis from his wheelchair with his racket taped to his right hand. I’m sure he would decimate me in a match!”

Dr. Guadagno has also served previous rotation as a chiropractic sports physician at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, and at several international Olympic qualifying events, such as the Pan American Games and most recently the XXII Central American Games. With his extensive experience and credentials, he is one of the reasons students seeking a career in chiropractic sports medicine choose NUHS.

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