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DC/ND Grad Launches New Book on Reclaiming Your Energy

by Jun 23, 2015

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National University grad, Dr. Carri Drzyzga, recently launched a new book titled, “Reclaim Your Energy and Feel Normal reclaim your energy book coverAgain,”which focuses on fixing the root cause of fatigue with natural treatments. Readers will also find a wealth of information on addressing key hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, infections, food allergies and chemical imbalances that can rob you of vitality.

The book boasts a forward by National University’s Assistant Dean for Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Fraser Smith.  “Dr. Drzyzga has provided patients an invaluable resource for elevating their level of health,” he says. “It is the mark of an expert that they are able to take a complex subject and explain it in a simple and straightforward manner.”

After earning her DC from National University in 1995, Dr. Drzyzga returned to graduate as valedictorian of her ND class in 2011. Nicknamed ‘The Functional Medicine Doc,” Dr. Drzyzga hosts a popular podcast, “The Functional Medicine Radio Show,” and has a practice in Ottawa named Functional Medicine Ontario.

Dr. Drzyzga credits her education from National University as the foundation for her successful health care career. “NUHS prepared me for practice in ways I was initially not aware of.  When you go through school you never really know if you’re getting a good education, a bad education or a great education. You do your initial homework on what school to pick and then you hope for the best,” she says.

doctor carrid drzyga“I realized after I was out of school and in practice that I received a top notch education from NUHS.  It’s the medical foundation that has allowed me to help so many patients, and make a long lasting difference in their health and the health of my community. It was also because of my education at NUHS that I felt compelled to write a book and spread my knowledge to help others.”

National University is proud of its many graduates practicing in Canada. Dr. Drzyzga is also one of a growing number of students choosing to earn multiple degrees from NUHS to expand their career horizons.

“I know with my NUHS education I will continue to grow, learn and better care for my patients as their health needs evolve. That’s what also keeps me continually moving onward towards even higher goals,” she says.

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