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DC Interns Work at Disney Princess Half-Marathon

by Feb 24, 2016

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National University’s Florida Sports Council members joined faculty member Dr. Carlo Guadagno at the 2016 ESPN Wide World of Sports Disney Princess Half-Marathon on February 21st. Chiropractic interns worked in the KT Taping area, where they taped close to 1,000 runners.

In addition to DC interns, early trimester students also got involved: “First trimester student Brett Herman didn’t waste any time dc florida interns at disney princess half marathonvolunteering to assist his senior classmates. He did a great job of directing all the ‘princesses’ to their respective interns to get their feet, ankle or knee KT taped and ready for the half marathon, while Catie Wonders, club president, kept everybody well supplied with tape.”

“This is an event National University has been invited to participate in every year since 2013, along with the Disney Marathon,” says Dr. Guadagno, advisor to the student club.  The Disney Princess Half-Marathon is sponsored by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which raises funds and awareness for 170 children’s hospitals in the U.S. and Canada.

National University believes that providing chiropractic care at community events not only provides support for charitable organizations and raises the profile of chiropractic medicine, it is also a valuable training tool for students.  “These interns will be well prepared to use KT tape in cases of plantar fasciitis, IT band syndrome or chondromalacia patella in their future practice,” says Dr. Guadagno.

(Photo first row l-r: Dr. Carlo Guadagno, Interns Nick Herrlid, Alex Tauberg, student Brett Herman. Top row: Interns Ryan Bakosh, Dan MacDougall, Chris Mulhall, Frank Watson, Mike Kroft. Missing from photo Catie Wonders, Sports Council President)

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