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DC Interns Work at Chinatown and Oak Park Races

by Aug 12, 2016

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National University’s DC interns have the opportunity to visit Chicago landmarks while giving back to the local communities and practicing their sports medicine skills.

Last month, Dr. Erin Quinlan and 12 chiropractic interns from the NUHS Salvation Army based clinic offered chiropractic care at the Chinatown 5K and Youth Run on July 9th. The interns performed stretching and soft tissue manipulation before and after the race to help decrease the chances of injury for the runners.

The event was a great success, with over 500 participants, and over 100 seeking treatment from the NUHS team. “We even had the pleasure of watching the traditional lion dance!” says Dr. Quinlan.

dc interns chinatown race

Chicago’s Chinatown is a thriving center for Asian cuisine, boutiques, art and festivals. It is especially popular with students interested in oriental medicine, as it offers several authentic herbal pharmacies, tea vendors and ethnic grocery shops.

The following week, Dr. Quinlan and 11 interns participated in the annual Hemingway Running of the Bulls 8k Race and Children’s Run, held in the historic suburb of Oak Park on July 16th.  Oak Park is the birthplace of famous American author, Ernest Hemingway, and is home to the Hemingway Museum, and also noted for its museum and tours of local architectural landmarks by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

dc interns oak park race dc interns human pyramid oak park race dc interns treating runners oak park race

At the Oak Park event, DC interns performed stretching and soft tissue manipulation to help decrease the chances of injury for athletes. The event hosted over 300 participants, raising funds for the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry and the Dance in the Parks organization.

“We look forward to participating in both events again next year!” says Dr. Quinlan.

National University’s suburban Chicago location allows our students to participate in events and visit local areas rich in cultural heritage such as Chicago’s Chinatown and nearby Oak Park.

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