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Concussions in Sports Medicine

by Feb 24, 2023

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This past week in sports medicine we watched learning videos about concussions in sports. The videos discussed that concussions result in a functional impairment, not a structural impairment, therefore, a CT would be normal for these individuals.


Research has found that the brief excitation period following a concussive impact is followed by a widespread neuronal suppression known as “spreading depression,” leading to symptoms such as cognitive deficits, amnesia, emotional lability and fatigue. The most common concussion symptoms are headache and dizziness. As a doctor that may be working with a sports team, it is important to remember that the following are contraindications to return to play: symptoms lasting more than 15 minutes, prior concussion within the same season, loss of consciousness, amnesia, development of complications such as post-concussion syndrome and recurrence of symptoms on exertion.

The biggest concern with a concussion is a cervical injury; it has been found that contracture of the neck stabilizing muscles prior to impact does reduce the risk of a concussion. Second, impact syndrome is a complication of a concussion, and has a 50% mortality rate. Second impact syndrome happens when the brain swells rapidly after an individual suffers a second concussion before symptoms from an earlier concussion alleviate. Return to play is contraindicated in these individuals. If an athlete with a concussion presents with a severe worsening headache, seizures, two or more episodes of vomiting, an unsteady gate or slurred speech, or weakness/numbness in the extremities, referral is indicated. As a future chiropractic physician, it is important to be aware of concussions and their possible presentation, as many of us may work with a sports team in the future.

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