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New preceptorship opportunity for DCs interested in sports medicine or fitness

by Feb 25, 2022

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Students interested in sports medicine or general fitness have a new, exciting preceptorship opportunity available to them.

Courtney Knight, DC, (NUHS ’17) is seeking students finishing up their chiropractic degrees to join her growing practice. Based out of the Just Move gyms in Lakeland and Winter Haven, Florida, which see about 1600 members a day, Just Chiro, has unique access to a fitness-minded patient population. Since opening the practice in 2021 with two other DCs, the practice is already expanding its staff and looking to open offices in other Just Move gyms in Florida.

“We’re in the perfect chiropractic target market,” she said. “Many of our patients are health-focused and looking for long-term not short-term gain. They’re willing to put in the work for their health.

The patients, many of whom come from the gym’s large membership, include former NBA players along with current college athletes. These patients typically seek help for the aches and pains that result from being active. However, patients also come to the clinic for nutrition information, weight loss help and as a potential alternative to surgery. Some of the hands-on modalities the practice provides include the Graston technique, kinesiotaping, electrical simulation, and more.

While at NUHS, Dr. Knight said she was able to learn a wide range of treatment tools useful to her patients today.

“NUHS’s focus on the whole body like lifestyle, stress and other external factors really broadened my scope of practice,” she said.

Along with hands-on work with patients, Dr. Knight said the preceptorship will provide students the opportunity to learn how to open a business from the ground up. With their expansion plans in the works, interns could provide input on the next city to open a practice and work with the team on marketing. They’ll also learn what’s required to open an office and how to keep low overhead.

Additionally, those who participate in the preceptorship could have the opportunity to join the team at the current location or help open a new practice at one of the other Just Move gym locations in Florida. One of the unique offerings of the gym is flexible hours, along with some early financial burdens being shouldered by the gym.

Overall, Dr. Knight said she’s looking forward to helping students ease the transition between school and professional practice.

“You don’t realize how much you know until you get out of school,” she said.

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