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Club Lunch and Art Exhibit

by May 26, 2016

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My first week of clinical sciences was certainly different than the first weeks of the previous four trimesters. It was a familiar experience being with the same people and some of the same professors, but it was different because we are in a different building and the classes are now clinically based. There were some new professors for radiology, pharmacology, and clinical neurology, all of who are very knowledgeable in their disciplines. I am looking forward to my new classes this trimester.


In addition to classes, we had Club Lunch Day on Thursday. I am now the Legislative Representative for the NUHS Florida Chapter of the Student American Chiropractic Association. I am still president of the Chiro Games Club, as well. The clubs all gave presentations and afterward we enjoyed catering from Chipotle. The presentations went well. A lot of people signed up for SACA and the Chiro Games Club so we are looking forward to a large turnout for our club meetings and events.


This trimester, my favorite classes thus far are Pharmacology and Botanical Medicine. We are learning both sides of the coin. How to treat conditions either with botanicals, pharmaceuticals, or both. I just find it fascinating how each treatment works physiologically on a biochemical level. Thankfully the biochemistry classes here at NUHS have helped prepare me for these clinical classes.

Over the weekend, my girlfriend and I went downtown to an “Alice in Wonderland” themed art exhibit. We were late for a very important date, descended down the rabbit hole, attended a mad tea party, and met the Cheshire cat. St. Petersburg has a very prominent art scene and there are studios all over.


We took a lot of pictures at the exhibit and I included the coolest ones in the collage above. It was hard to capture just how detailed the murals and paintings were. There was also pottery, a chandelier made of cards, and many costumes, which I also consider art. Overall, it was a very cool experience and I am looking forward to going to another exhibit in the near future.

Though I work, tutor, participate in clubs, and study in my time outside of the classroom, I try and take in all that St. Petersburg has to offer. Whether it is going to sporting events, taking in a concert, heading to the beach, or attending an art exhibit, there are so many things to do in this area.

That’s all for this week please email me at [email protected]

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Christopher Kotwicki

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