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Clinic Placement and Friendship

by Mar 24, 2017

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This past week was a week of anxiety, hope, and celebration for thousands of our medical colleagues, all over the nation. Yearly, on a particular Thursday, our allopathic friends get matched with one of the residency programs to which they have applied. It’s a tense, emotionally charged day in which they see their years of hard work come to fruition, for better or for worse. Coincidentally, this past week was permeated with an air of suspense at National University as well, among my chiropractic friends and me. It was the week that we had the privilege of seeing our work come to fruition as well. Students are placed into tiers corresponding to their GPA.

The tier you earn determines which day you may choose the clinic, and the clinician, where you will complete your internship. As there are only three clinics to choose from, the nervous anticipation wasn’t nearly as heart pounding as awaiting a residency placement. Nevertheless, the anxiety was palpable around the computers as we first-tiers kept refreshing our screens, trying to seize the exact moment when registration opened. Spots with each clinician, clinic, and shift are limited, so it’s the fastest click that wins the prize. Thankfully, we all landed the slot we desired. I nearly cheered when I seized a spot at the Chicago Salvation Army Clinic. I’ve become quite fond of this city and winning that spot means I’ll get to spend a lot more time here, at home. I think my excitement was diminutive compared to that of my good friend Richard.


Untitled2Richard and I having a good laugh

Richard is graduating from Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine in May. He was matched with his residency on Thursday. He applied solely to East Coast hospitals for his residency. He wanted to be close to home (New York) and his family. Richard is one of the most talented, insightful, empathetic individuals I’ve ever met. And between you and me, he’s one of the top medical students, not just at Northwestern, but also in the nation. Keep it quiet though…he’s humble. So, I wasn’t surprised to learn he was accepted to his first choice residency – Columbia University Medical Center, Manhattan, New York. Needless to say, celebrations were in order this past weekend. However, it wasn’t just a celebration of work hard done. It was a celebration of friendship, a reflection of how far we’ve come and the meaningful connections we’ve forged on this journey of ours. 

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