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Avant Wellness Systems Donates Therapy Lasers to NUHS

by Sep 20, 2019

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Three LZ30-Z therapy lasers valued at $19,650 were generously donated to National University by Avant Wellness Systems Inc. for use in classrooms and its clinics. “The fact that these lasers are so small and portable makes them unique,” said Manuel Duarte, DC, professor and chair of National University’s Clinical Practices, who facilitated the donation. “We can treat muscle and skin disorders, but they are also ideal for acupuncture and auricular (ear) therapies for those who don’t like needles,” he explained.

LZ30-Z therapy laser

Two of the lasers will be available for training interns on utilization at the Whole Health Clinic in Lombard, while one will be used at the Aurora, Illinois, clinic. All of NUHS’ Illinois clinicians have been trained to use the devices, which will be available for patient care in September.

Avant’s Director of Academic Support, Deb Zolla, explained that the company is committed to increasing access to this technology. “We have established a program to place therapy lasers in schools where enthusiastic minds can experience the potential in the most practical manner,” she added. According to Avant, therapeutic laser increases ATP production in cells, making tissue more responsive to other treatment modalities. “NUHS is a unique and diverse school offering many sciences: Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Acupuncture, Oriental medicine and Massage Therapy,” Zolla said. “Laser therapy excels in all of these areas. We’re excited to work with NUHS as a like-minded institution with very high standards and excellent reputation to provide students with this well-researched, safe and effective technology for a broad range of conditions.”

As a participant in Avant’s Academic Support program, students and alumni of National University are eligible for special pricing on the LZ30-Z directly from Avant. For more information contact Zolla at 818-575-6539.

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