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August Commencement Honors 83 Graduates

by Aug 16, 2013

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National University of Health Sciences honored 83 graduates of its College of Professional Studies and College of Allied Health Sciences during commencement ceremonies held August 15, 2013.

graduates august 2013 commencement ceremony

New graduates of NUHS.

President Joseph Stiefel gave his first commencement address as president to graduates of the massage therapy and bachelor of science programs during the morning ceremony for the College of Allied Health Sciences. He spoke of the many sacrifices each student made to become a successful graduate, and challenged them to re-evaluate their definition of success as they moved forward in their professional lives.

Keynote Speaker

president stiefel senator jones august commencement ceremony

President Stiefel and Senator Jones

During the afternoon commencement ceremony, the College of Professional Studies welcomed State Senator Dennis L. Jones, DC, an alumnus of National, as its keynote speaker.  The recently retired senator from Florida recounted the many changes in technology and daily life that have transpired since his own graduation, and also urged students to get involved in professional organizations working for improvements in health care policy.

The university also honored Senator Jones with the honorary doctor of laws degree in recognition of the many outstanding accomplishments in his political career.

A Special Conferment

Dr. Stiefel also acknowledged the graduation of Dr. Lewis Brown, a 92-year old World War II veteran who missed his own

doctor lewis brown and doctor joseph stiefel august commencement ceremony

Dr. Brown and President Stiefel

commencement ceremony years ago when his chiropractic college closed its doors shortly after he completed his coursework. Dr. Brown and members of his family traveled from Philadelphia and other cities across the U.S. for the ceremony.

National University congratulates each of its new graduates, and is proud to be part of their successful future careers in science and health care.

List of Graduates

Below is a list of graduates from each program:

College of Professional Studies

Doctor of Chiropractic

Barbara Allegretti
Ryan Anderson
Eric S. Brosio.
Amy Elizabeth Brown
Lewis H. Brown
Irene Yuen Kwan Cheung
Nicholas Donald Colosi II
Rex Allen Crites
Sean K. Dawson
Sithari Patabandige Edirisooriya
Patrick Engracia
Benjamin Fergus
Alaina Gemelas
Alesandra Ilchena
Smith Joseph
Mohammad Y. Joudeh
Craig Thomas Karvala
Susanne Victoria Kowalski
Emil Antonio Lara
Ashley Lennan
Julie Lynn Logan (valedictorian)
Andrea E. Lubaway
Dana Madigan
Paul Brian Majer
James Ian McCrackan
Rebecca Mruk
K. Astrid Neumeier
Joseph W. Piwoszkin
Shelby O. Plante
Hoi Fan Poon(salutatorian) 
Robert G. Ream III
Amber Fogarty Roman
Tulia Maria Rubero
Robin Sadler
Denise M. Shostek
Marcia Leigh Smith
Michael T. Socha
Ahmad R. Sprouse
David St. Jean
Claire Michelle Stigler
Ryan Wasilewski
Kelvin Daves Witt
Susan Yi
Lauren Bailey Zimmel

Doctor Naturopathic Medicine

Erica Rae Cooper (valedictorian)
Ryan Kneessi
Nakiesha Pearson
Aubrey Kathleen Wallace (salutatorian)

Master of Science in Oriental Medicine

Kristina Conner (salutatorian)
Phillip H. Dai
Hyeyeong Kim
Nann C. Lang
Angela Dongmin Sung
Kathi Wotal (valedictorian)

Master of Science in Acupuncture

Manuel Anthony Duarte (valedictorian)
Lauren Warner (salutatorian)
Harding O’Neal Zills

Master of Science in Advanced Clinical Practice (Lincoln College)

Abduldayem Ahmed
Jagtaran S. Basra
Dale Dunn
Kurt W. Kuhn
Deanna L. Minkler
Nicolo Montecalvo
Nakiesha Pearson
Evangelia Skokos
Christopher James Wellwood

Master of Science in Diagnostic Imaging (Lincoln College)

Erin J. Quinlan

College of Allied Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science

Edgar J. Gonzalez (salutatorian)
Felicia Jackson
Salma Sanubar
Jorida Jori Sulkollari (valedictorian)

Associate of Applied Science in Massage Therapy

Ecktor A. Barrientos

Massage Therapy Certification Program

Lauren Black
Kathleen Cannon (salutatorian)
Natalia Cruz
José Cruz
Tina Haag
Carlos Hernandez Jr.
Demila Kandise Johnson
Jennifer A. Keas
Hollyce Lunde (valedictorian)
Krystal Sanchez
Jennifer Volino

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