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A Distinctive Curriculum

National University’s distinctive and innovative curriculum integrates knowledge with application. By providing you with a comprehensive base in human biology and anatomy and offering you extensive hands-on training in diagnosis and treatment, we train you to think like a physician.

As a National University student, you will:

  • Master a variety of naturopathic techniques
  • Practice evaluation and diagnostic techniques with “standardized patients”
  • Personally perform complete human dissection rather than learn by prosection or virtual instruction
  • Explore alternative treatment methods, including nutritional counseling, therapeutic exercise, physical therapy, rehabilitation, lifestyle modification, postural retraining, and botanical remedies
  • Gain valuable business expertise from experts in the field who will cover topics like funding your practice, ethically promoting and marketing your office, joining managed care organizations, and working effectively with other health care disciplines
  • Experience 12 months of full-time clinical practice at one of National University’s clinics

Five Objectives
At National University, we base our entire curriculum for all professional degrees on helping students achieve what we have identified as the Five Objectives. The Five Objectives provide a comprehensive education in health care that will benefit our graduates in their future professional careers. Learn more »

Board Exams
The Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Program at National University is fully accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME). As such, students in the program are eligible to take the NPLEX licensing examinations.