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About Gregory Swets, Chiropractic – Illinois Student Blogger

by Jan 1, 2016

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Hello, faithful readers! I am Gregory Swets, known to most as either “Greg” or “Swets” (for some bizarre reason, most find saying my surname humorous and strangely fulfilling). I am now starting my fifth trimester flex track in the DC program. I’m hoping to sculpt this blog into a vivid, accurate, and informative exposé on the multifaceted experience here at National University. You will be the proverbial fly on my wall.

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I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan — born and raised. As a child, much to my dismay, television time was virtually absent from upbringing; hence, when I wasn’t outside roaming the woods or playing sports, I could be found with my nose buried in a plethora of books ranging from history to science fiction. As I neared the end of my high school education, my interest in academia, fueled by boredom, restlessness, youthful angst and desire for a challenge, hit an all-time low. Not believing I was “cut out” for college, I soon found myself in Marine Corps boot camp nine days after high school graduation. Ironically, it wasn’t until I was in the Marines that I discovered that I had a proclivity for learning after taking a battery of aptitude tests.

A few years in Marine Corps gave me a healthy appreciation for the musculoskeletal wizardry inherent to the DC profession — our bodies took quite a beating. It was DC care that allowed me to continue to operate at the high tempo my job required. In short, I was hooked. I subsequently transferred to the reserves so I could simultaneously serve my country and pursue my passion. I started working for a DC/ND in my hometown who specializes in functional medicine while I tried my hand at college.

As my mentor, Dr. Adrianus den Boer educated me on the vast scope of practice available to DCs. A National University graduate himself, he encouraged me to research a few of the different chiropractic schools to determine which one best suited my passion for functional medicine. National quickly found its way to the top of my list due its staunch science curriculum, multi-disciplinary learning environment, and focus towards primary care. ND professors lend their unique perspectives on patient care and modalities in the classes they teach, which facilitates both a broader understanding of patient care and treatment options available.

Finally, National’s location located just 20 miles outside Chicago, nestled in the suburbs, has so much to offer. From cozy, eclectic city centers boasting delightful coffee shops and gourmet restaurants to forest preserves and bike trails, National is at the heart of it all.

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