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A Cabin Perspective

by Feb 3, 2017

This past weekend I found myself, yet again, traveling to the Mohr Lakehouse for a weekend getaway before a cluster of exams crowding my schedule for the next couple of weeks claims my time. Being the studious people that we are, a trip to the cabin hardly means an interruption to learning. The two and one-half hour drive down there was spent on a history lesson, as we basked in the brilliant musical “Hamilton,” as it put a beautiful story to the face on our $5 bill.


Upon our arrival, our lessons only intensified as we delved into proper biomechanics and how to implement them for hatchet throwing and bow-and-arrow and shooting. When aberrant patterns were identified, we performed thorough screenings to determine which muscle groups weren’t activating well. Once we crafted reports-of-findings, a treatment plan was implemented that included some functional rehab and, of course, chiropractic adjustments.

At this point you may be worried that we spent too much time on intellectual pursuits, however, you’ll be relieved to hear we also spent time having fun as well. Hydration is always a concern in colder climates so we made sure to drink enough liquids during our adventures. Adam and I performed synchronized hatchet throwing to raise morale for those studying tumors radiology, and Blair managed to keep us entertained with his ceaseless abnormality. Regardless of cabin antics, a trip there always serves as an incubation ground for creative thought and insight gained from fellow students with different perspectives. 

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