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6 Reasons to Finish Your Bachelor’s Degree on a Physical Campus Versus Online

by Feb 20, 2020

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It’s important to weigh all the pros and cons before choosing an online program when you are deciding where and how to finish your bachelor’s degree. Finishing your degree on a physical campus offers many advantages that you may not have considered—especially if you’re considering a degree in the sciences or preparing for a future career in health care. 

Here are six great advantages National University’s on-campus bachelor of biomedical science program has over online programs: 

1. Graduate-Level Health Science Laboratories

Finishing an anatomy course in a real hands-on cadaver-based anatomy laboratory is much more rewarding than studying drawings, photographs or videos online. Additionally, National University in one of the few leading universities that has The Anatomage Table. This state-of-the-art, life-size, 3D anatomy visualization table allows hands-on virtual dissection on several axes, as well as a visual library of actual cases and pathologies to explore.

2. Convenient Evening Classes and Customizable Curriculum

Convenient evening classes plus the freedom to design your own degree by choosing any combination of courses from our curriculum. Most of our students are able to finish their bachelor’s degree in as few as 16 months.

3. Access to Graduate-Level Faculty

At NUHS, you’ll have direct contact with your professors who also teach in our graduate level programs. Many of your instructors have experience as practicing physicians or health care professionals, and are happy to assist you with questions on how to meet your career goals.

4. One of the Largest Medical Libraries in the Area

The Learning Resource Center at National University of Health Sciences is one of the largest regional libraries dedicated exclusively to the health sciences. It houses a collection of over 12,000 book titles, 80 current print journal subscriptions, access to over 175,000 journals, ebooks and streaming videos; and 32 bibliographic databases.

5. On-Campus Amenities

University amenities such as the on-campus fitness center and free health services at our on-campus integrative medical clinic. As a student, you’ll receive care from our clinicians and interns in our graduate programs.

6. Social and Professional Networking Opportunities

Our campus hosts several hundred medical students in our professional programs. You’ll find lots of on-campus clubs and student organizations for professional development, social outings, networking opportunities and community service.

In addition to the advantages of our traditional campus, National University does have a selection of online courses that you can choose from to augment your on-campus program. These online options give you more scheduling flexibility when you need it, and are taught by the same caliber of faculty you’ll be learning from in your on-campus courses.

Come visit National University and see first-hand the advantages a real campus can offer you!


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