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Weekend Class and Birthday Celebration

by Sep 29, 2017

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Not sure how we are already in Week 4 of this trimester, but I’m getting ready to take my first formulas exam!

Besides trying to fit 28 formulas into my brain, traveling to California, studying, taking care of my sick dog (he’s fine now, don’t worry!) who decided I don’t have enough on my plate, I just finished my only weekend class for Tri 7. The thought that I don’t have to be on campus for the next 11 weekends makes me extremely happy. Not that I don’t like our campus, but everybody needs a break once in a while and a change of scenery.


Talking about scenery, last weekend I celebrated my birthday once in California and twice here. Why not, right? The more, the merrier!

California was beautiful as always and just the perfect temperature, not like Chicago. My training was in Redondo Beach and I really loved the peacefulness of the place – seeing people so relaxed and laid back and just enjoying the present moment. I got to see some good friends, enjoy fresh seafood, sleep as much as possible, and improve my cosmetic acupuncture skills.

Coming back from California, I managed to catch a wind invasion and I struggled with it for 2-3 days, skipped work and classes, drank a bunch of bone broth, cooked congee, needled myself, and now I’m back in business.

Practice Ethics weekend class wasn’t too bad since Dr. Hodges fitted all the material in one day, and then we just had to come back on Sunday morning and take the exam. One less class to worry about asked for celebration, and since I didn’t get to see a good friend on my birthday, we decided to go out for dinner and drove downtown to Piccolo Sogno.


I don’t get to see downtown too often but the weather was perfect. We sat on the patio (it was a bit windy and more breathable than in Lombard) for about 2 hours and I forgot about formulas.


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