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Time to Relax

by Sep 26, 2016

Don’t know about you, but I always make sure I take some time and relax before all that wave of quizzes and midterms. Since I’m working full time and also preparing to take the intern entrance exam I took an easier load of classes this tri.

There’s also this feeling that summer is over, days are shorter and I’m just not ready for cold yet!

What to do with all those moods and keep my energy high???

I could have started studying for week 4 quizzes but I felt I needed a break before diving into all that study.

I’m fortunate enough to live in an area with so many events that it’s impossible not to find something interesting for any taste. I’m not talking attending another seminar. I know there have been a couple of interesting ones this weekend but I simply cannot attend every single seminar–and I’m sure no one does it!

Facebook saved the day again. I browsed the nearby events and I chose the 22 Annual Harvest Pow Wow organized by the Midwest Soaring Foundation.

2016-09-26492_pow1      2016-09-26_pow2

Weather was just perfect, the drums, dances and costumes were entertaining, booths were offering beautiful souvenirs (make sure you ask if they’re the real thing or just stuff made in China!) and everybody looked happy. I bought some cds with traditional music and all the way back home I just tuned into that drums rhythm, took deep breaths and felt better and better.

2016-09-26_pow6      2016-09-26_pow5

It ended up being the perfect break so I can reset my batteries and start fresh week 4.

I’m actually looking forward to week 4 because I’m back at twice per week acupuncture treatments. I’m also starting my Russian steam bath sessions this week combined with constitutional hydro. My intern, Linzi Saigh (Thank you Linzi!), decided my metabolism needs to speed up so I’m just working on that any way I can and every moment I have.

2016-09-26_pow7      2016-09-26_pow8

I’ll keep it short this week but not before I’ll leave you with some gorgeous pictures from the Pow Wow. Good luck with any exams you might have and remember to take deep breaths and move that lymph whenever you have some time!

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