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Third Edition of Spinal Anatomy Textbook is Milestone for NUHS Professors

by Feb 27, 2013

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clinical anatomy spine spinal cord and ans book coverGregory Cramer, DC, PhD, professor of anatomy and dean of research at National University of Health Sciences (NUHS), along with Susan Darby, PhD, professor of anatomy at NUHS, announced the March, 2013 release of the expanded third edition of their textbook, “Clinical Anatomy of the Spine, Spinal Cord and ANS.”  Published by Elsevier, the first two editions of the textbook have proved it to be a reference of choice on spinal anatomy for many chiropractic, osteopathic and physical medicine students.

“We first released this textbook in 1995, and to date it is the only one of its kind for professional degree students studying spinal anatomy,” says author Dr. Sue Darby. “The first edition was placed in the signature series archives of North American Spine Society, a multidisciplinary organization representing members in 32 different medical specialties.”

The new third edition boasts 70 pages of new information, along with 46 new illustrations, x-rays and MRI scans.  More importantly, there is a new illustrated section on fascia, providing the latest information in this emerging field.  Also, the book offers new sections addressing the clinically important relationships among inflammation, the immune system, and the ANS, as well as a comprehensive section on the enteric nervous system and other reference appendices.

“These new sections add extra value especially for clinicians seeking a handy resource on day-to-day practice issues,” says author Dr. Greg Cramer. “One of our goals with this new edition was to bridge the gap between the basic science of anatomy and the applied anatomy of clinical practice.”

The new book costs $119, which remains relatively inexpensive for an illustrated graduate level science textbook. In addition to the Elsevier online store, the 688-page book will be available through and other major textbook vendors.

“Our anatomy program at National University has historically been one of our hallmark strengths,” says NUHS President James F. Winterstein. “Dr. Cramer and Dr. Darby have made their own mark in the academic history of their field, and we are very proud to have them as leaders on our faculty.”

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